This tool is specifically designed to work with UltraVision specialist lenses, powered and unpowered, and a spectacle over refraction to supply the correct final contact lens power.
Follow the steps below:

• Input the contact lens parameters. If you are using a Plano Trial Lens, just enter 0.00 for sphere and cyl and ignore the axis.
• Enter the lens axis adjusted for rotation. E.g. if the contact lens power axis is 40˚ and the lens has rotated 20˚ counter clockwise, enter the axis as 20˚.
• Check the BVD value is correct
• Enter your over refraction result
• Click on "Calculate Resulting Lens”

This will then give you the new contact lens power for ordering
To calculate the new lens prescription for your Soft Avanti Lens please click HERE. For guidance and training in fitting out KeraSoft range of lenses, please click HERE

  Contact Lens Power

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Resulting Parameters

Lens Parameters

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